Casualty spoilers: Broken David asks a grieving mother to kill him


David faced the wrath of many angry parents (Pictures: BBC)

The first episode of tonight’s Casualty double bill saw everyone still reeling from last week’s school shooting. David Hide (Jason Durr) struggled to comprehend how his beloved son Ollie (Harry Collett) could have been one of the shooters and taken so many lives. The pain of grieving for Ollie was compounded by the knowledge of the terrible things Ollie had done, things that David had no idea he was capable of.

He sat and watched videos of when Ollie was a little boy, trying to work out how that lovely innocent child had turned into a killer. And as he watched, a rock was thrown through his window. He went outside to be confronted by a mob of people wanting to vent their anger on someone. David, hardly caring what happened to him, told them to have a go if they thought it would make them feel better. And they did – beating him to a pulp on his own doorstep.

Later in the safety of the ED a broken – in more ways than one – David told Dylan (William Beck), ‘Nothing can help. My life’s gone. Everything I pictured for the future is gone. There is nothing.’

Dylan is determined to help his friend, even contemplating having him sectioned when David refused treatment.

By the second episode Dylan was taking time off to care for David, while Ethan (George Rainsford) was taking time off to care for his son Bodhi, who wasn’t well. This meant that Stevie (Elinor Lawless) was drafted in to head up the department for the day.

Though Stevie has made no secret of her ambition to be in charge, it wasn’t the best day for this to happen as it was her late sister Emma’s birthday. Emma died in a car accident after discovering that Stevie had had an affair with her partner Marcus (Adam Sina), and Stevie was not cheered by the sight of Marcus turning up at Emma’s memorial bench.

She had to push all that aside though as she went to work and was thrown into dealing with a very nasty case after a woman was impaled by a scaffolding pole in a nasty car accident in circumstances that reminded Stevie of what happened to Emma.

Stevie in Casualty
Stevie faced a difficult day (Picture: BBC)

Stevie is on a very short fuse at the best of times and had already locked horns with an arrogant anaesthetist (Richard Harrington) over another case. One of the car crash victims, Ivy (Jasmine Armfield), had undiagnosed epilepsy and Stevie rang her GP to give her hell about not picking that up when Ivy consulted her about a fainting episode.

The GP was called Dr Brockner (Alex Childs), and fairly soon she was in the ED wanting to talk to the woman who was accusing her of professional misconduct.

Of course we’ve heard the name Brockner before, as it’s the surname of paramedic Sah. Sure enough, this Dr Jools Brockner turned out to be Sah’s mother who’d abandoned Sah and their dad when he got symptoms of MS. Sah was understandably not thrilled to see Jools, who’d only ever been in contact by sending birthday cards. ‘We were drowning and you sent us cards,’ Sah said bitterly.

Jonty in Casualty
Anyone a fan of Jonty then? (Picture: BBC)

Sah may have to reconsider their hatred of Jools, as they discovered at the end of the episode that their dad has started seeing Jools again and it looks like their parents might be getting back together again.

Talking of getting back together, there was also a reunion of sorts for Stevie. Following numerous complaints about her, including from Charlie (Derek Thompson) who doesn’t take any nonsense – ‘This isn’t your ED. This is our ED’ he told her in his special cross/disappointed voice – Ethan was called in to take over from her and Stevie was sent home.

She went to the pub instead and got very drunk. She was soon joined by Marcus, who kept popping up everywhere. Stevie cried a bit, talked about Emma a bit, and then grabbed Marcus for a kiss.

Is it what Emma would have wanted? Probably not.

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