Interview: ‘My Greatest Fear As An Actor’ – Okiki Bakare


Nollywood actor and producer, Okiki Bakare speaks to Naija News about his career, relationship and growth in the entertainment industry.

You have become one of the most sought-after actors in Yoruba Nollywood, what brought you to the level? I love my work, I love what I do and I believe every role I’m given deserves my best and full attention; I take every job as if it was mine. I guess that might be one of the reasons I am getting this much attention. I try to bring in ideas when I can to make sure what is being created is the best every time. You have done well for yourself in the Yoruba industry but in recent times some of your colleagues are stretching their tent to the English Nollywood so what are your plans to remain in the spotlight? Well, I’m not confined to just working on Yoruba movies, I also do English. I’ve featured in many, some are (but not limited to) Bond, pair, picture-perfect series and that’s just to mention a few. And that’s not to say being solely a Yoruba actor won’t keep you in the spotlight, if you’re good in one area develop it and make yourself the best, and if you’re blessed to have other talents work on them! The Yoruba movie industry is expanding so much but with no proper structure that could ensure that producers like you would make a return on investment. What is your take? One person can’t change the world, I would say doing your own part will help. Once you invest in a project it’s only right that you get returns and that has been the case for me throughout. I’m not so sure what comes to the mind of others when they say structure but you yourself can build your standards and structure within your project. What has been your greatest fear as an actor/producer? My greatest fear as an actor is not being able to make an impact on this generation and the up-and-coming ones. As an actor with good looks, do you get passes from the opposite sex and how do you cope with the temptations of people who want you? It’s only normal to get advanced from the opposite sex, I just try to stay focused on the goal. Some stars in the Yoruba movie industry have been painting the industry in bad light with their actions and public outburst, what’s your take on this? Everyone is human, and everyone is their own person, celebrity or not, Nollywood or not. No one is above the law. It was alleged that you and Mide Martins were in a romantic relationship, and your loved-up photos were also seen online. What’s your take on this? The so-called “loved-up” photos are those we take on set, and with clothing brands, we are both working with. People have their opinions, you can’t fault them for wanting to make money for posts in this Nigeria. one thing I’ll say to Nigerians and the world is social media isn’t real life, people create what they want you to believe. Did the social media trolls and attacks that you were dating your married colleague have any implication on your career? No it didn’t. If acting stops paying you today, what other job do you see yourself doing? It’s interesting because I really can’t see myself anywhere else.  Maybe a footballer; I’m pretty good on my feet; or a writer, something that allows me to use my mind to create. How hard was it for you to find the woman that truly loves you? It’s been the easiest so far. What’s your take on the ‘sex for role’ speculation in Nollywood and have you personally had an experience? It’s wrong! I believe Nigeria has talent and using such as a way to “help” is actually sad! Are you working on any new projects? Yes, and I can’t wait to share it with the world!

This article was originally published on Naija News

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