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K. Michelle butt implant deflates while twerking on Instagram Live


It was an embarrassing moment for American R&B singer and media personality, Kimberly Michelle, better known as K. Michelle when her butt implant deflated while she was twerking for fans on her Instagram live session.

The situation left the 34-year-old hip hop singer in an awkward position as she tries to ends the live chat in a bid to cover up the issue.

During her live session on Instagram, the former Love & Hip Hop reality star was seen dancing to Cardi B’s “Up,” and attempting to hold her ‘sunken butt’ in place. As she made an attempt to start twerking, her entire butt dropped to an unnaturally low level.

On noticing the mishap, she immediately moves awkwardly and tried holding her butt up with her hand.

Even though Michelle happened to end the live chat, videos of it have been circulating online. It is no longer news that social media users seem to remember every embarrassing deed of celebrities and it is devastating that Michelle is also caught on the web.

Although, Kimberly Michelle was a kind of advocate for cosmetic surgery awareness when she documented the removal of her butt implants last year and how she lives with the decision to change the natural contour of her body.

After the surgery, she went vocal about the health issues she experienced following her butt implants. She also documented the removal of her implants and the struggles after the procedure.

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