Mammoth Crowd Welcome Cubana Chief Priest As He Visited His Parents Hood [Video]


Mammoth crowd yesterday welcomed Cubana Chief Priest as he visited parents hood.

Chiefpriest said he got so emotional getting down seeing the crowd, but was more emotional because his mother that believed so much in him isn’t here anymore to see how successful he is today.

He said he had to quickly leave the place so as not to break down in tears.

Before then, he ordered 100 crates of Gulder at one of his favourites spots back then for the massive crowd.


”Yesterday I Stopped By In My Hood Where I Grew Up To Greet My Dad, Immediately I Came Down I Became Emotional Because My Mother Who Believed In Me More Than Anybody Is No More. Where I Was Standing Was Her Shop So Many Memories Came Back I Couldn’t Stay Long So I Don’t Cry I Had To Take The Crowd To Uwaoma’s Bar One Of My Fav Spot That Year Where I Declared 100 Cartons Of @gulderng 🍻 Make Men Use Shayo. I Came From Nothing It Can Happen To You Too, Never Give Up Never Stop Believing Never Stop Pushing, See My Hood Nah😂. Nothing Is Impossible.

#DrEzeMuo📚”, he said while sharing the video.


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