Memories in Google Photos are getting a new look and fresh features

You can now screate scrapbook-inspired collages with your favorite snaps on Google Photos. | Image: Google

Google Photos is redesigning its Memories feature to better display your cherished snaps, featuring new interactions, memory types, and memory sharing. Some creative updates are also coming in the form of a new collage editor and Styles feature to help you curate your images.

From today, videos are getting more of a spotlight within the redesigned Memories experience, with Google Photos automatically selecting and trimming down longer footage to focus on key moments. Still images will have a subtle zoom effect applied, which is visually different from the full dynamic zoom featured on Cinematic Photos. A small update is also coming to interactions, adding the ability to swipe up or down to move between Memories in addition to the existing left / right tap navigation.

Cinematic photos with instrumental music that will now play over your snaps. Google says that instrumental music will also be added to other Memories as a separate feature from next month.

A new collage editor is also rolling out today for both Android and iOS users that allows you to edit and drag-and-drop photos into a layout of your choice to share with friends. Google One members and Pixel users will get some additional editing features like Portrait Light and HDR. A new “Styles” feature inspired by scrapbooks is also being rolled out later today that will automatically apply graphic art to your memories “to make them pop,” according to Google.

Google Collage editor Image: Google
The new collage editor allows you to drag-and-drop your snaps into a fun, scrapbook inspired layout.

One other notable change means friends and family will now be able to access shared Memories from within Google Photos on any device. This feature is available for Android users from today, with iOS and Web support “coming soon.”

Full details of all of the updates and new features can be found over on the Google Blog.

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