My Driver Begged Me To Buy One Of His Triplets – BBNaija’s TBoss


Former BBNaija housemate, Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as TBoss, has revealed that her driver begged her to buy one of his triplets due to economic hardship.

The mother of one said this in the comment section of a comic skit which showed a woman abandoning her triplet babies due to the harsh economic situation of the country. The reality TV star explained that things were so bad for her driver some years back he was forced to do the same thing. She wrote: “BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT I HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPEN TO ME. MANY YEARS AGO MY DRIVER’S WIFE GAVE BIRTH TO 3RIPLETS AND HE ASKED ME TO BUY OFF ONE OF HIS KIDS COS HE COULDN’T AFFORD THEM. FUNNY BUT SO NOT FUNNY.”

I Am Not Into Threesome – Chiege Alisigwe

Nollywood actress, Chiege Alisigwe has called out a married man sending her messages and demanding to have a threesome with her and his wife. Naija News reports that the award-winning actress disclosed the issue on Thursday, in a post shared on her Instagram page. According to the actress, no amount of money will make her engage in such an act because she is bigger than it. Chiege further warned the married man to stop sending her messages, threatening to expose him. She wrote, “Stop sending me messages. I am not, never have been and will never ever be into a threesome. I will never be that type. I am a one man one woman person. Your huge amount will never get me because I am bigger than that. Spiritually and physically. Do not irritate me this morning with your dark energy. One more word and I will call you out. Enough said. “I don’t blame you! Because of the things you hear you believe everyone is same. Try get to know God one on one and be delivered, you and your so called wife you claimed that wants it and you, wanting to Please her my foot!! You claimed she likes me a lot and all she can think about watching me is 3some! REALLY?!!! GIVE ME MY RESPECT, I DESERVE IT! final warning.”

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