Nigerians React As Peter Obi Makes Comment On His Photo On Praying Mat


Reactions have trailed Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s comment over a viral photo of his picture on praying mats.

Recall that former presidential aide, Reno Omokri posted a photo on Twitter yesterday showing some praying mats with campaign posters of Obi. Omokri who is a Christian condemned the act stating that the image depiction on the praying mats is against Islam ethics. He thereby cautioned supporters of the presidential hopeful against the act. Naija News understands that the viral post has attracted a barrage of reactions as some Northern Muslims via the microblogging platform criticised the support group of the Labour presidential candidate. They further backed Omokri’s claim, saying it was wrong to hang anything portraying a human or animal inside a mosque. Reacting to the development, Peter Obi in a Tweet on Friday morning disowned the campaign poster, adding that it was a misguided action by his support group. Obi said he will never mock any religion or ethnicity as he deeply respects the Muslim faith. “The inclusion of my picture on the praying mat by a support group was misguided, even with the best of intentions. It didn’t emanate from my campaign team. I have deep respect for the Muslim faith and indeed, for every other religion. We will never mock any faith, ethnicity or gender. We are one Nigeria. -PO” He wrote See some reactions that follow below: Reacting, popular journalist, David Hundeyin [@DavidHundeyin] said Obi should stop trying to play the defensive game when he should be on the offensive. He tweeted: “Dear PO, please stop apologising on behalf of your base. You are playing defence when you should be playing offence. “Less “it wasn’t me,” more campaigning, please. This is a non-issue.” Another netizen [@von_Bismack] wrote: “Always apologizing for nothing, abeg rest. People did something out of the abundance of their heart, if the effort can’t be appreciated, then good and fine. All these apologies will only weaken the zeal of the people that support you.” On his part, Kelechi Ojinnaka [@orbiterP] admonished Obi to hire some experts to handle his campaign to avoid getting more backlash. He said: “Obama had a unit in the campaign HQ that supervised & trained volunteer groups. Bring some organization & structure to your campaign sir. The idea of unskilled & untrained volunteers running around the place is not good. A volunteer-first strategy isn’t it.” Not supporting Obi’s presidential bid for 2023, a netizen Abefe [@abefe012] wrote: “With due respect sir! Wait until 2027 or 2031. He never reach your turn. Focus on your business and do not forget that next cash and carry need to be rebuild. I can’t afford to be going shop rite every time.” Speaking on other matters, a netizen Chukwu Timothy Chukwuebuka [@Timotech1820] suggest to the presidential hopeful saying: “Sir I think it’s time to unite your supporters. “Create a general telegram group where all your supporters can get information direct from the campaign team. Then 712 groups will be created for all local govt in Nigeria. Where they can meet and discuss how to deliver their own LGA.”

This article was originally published on Naija News

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