Nothing starts teasing its next pair of earbuds — the Ear Stick

The Nothing Ear Stick. | Image: Nothing

Nothing has released its first teaser for the Ear Stick, its second pair of true wireless earbuds following last year’s Ear 1. In a series of images, the consumer tech firm has shown off the new charging case for the earbuds, which appears to use a cylindrical design almost like a tube of lipstick. The new earbuds are set to launch later this year, Nothing’s press release says.

In an email, Nothing’s US PR manager Lewis Hopkins confirmed that the Ear Stick is more than just a new charging case for the company’s existing earbuds. “The Ear Stick is an entirely new product. New charging case and new bud,” Hopkins tells The Verge.

Rumors of the Ear Stick emerged ahead of the Phone 1’s launch earlier this year and indicated that the earbuds would share a lot of design similarities with the Ear 1 but without their silicone ear tips. Although there was some speculation they’d be announced alongside Nothing’s debut smartphone, the Phone 1 launch came and went without any sign of new earbuds.

So what can we expect from the new Ear Stick? Well, Nothing’s press release promises that they’re “feather-light” with a “supremely comfortable ergonomic design” that’s “moulded to your ears.” Nothing is similarly gushing about their charging case, which it calls “unique” and “inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes… compactly formed to simply glide into pockets.” Fancy.

In a refreshing contrast to Nothing’s previous product launches, which have seen the company slowly drip-feed details of each product in the weeks and months leading up to their official announcements, the company is actually revealing full specs, pricing, and a release date for the Ear Stick today. Just kidding. Exact specs, pricing, and a release date for the Ear Stick have yet to be announced. But expect all to become clear “later this year.”

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