Nurses blocked from parking on street for free by locals’ wheelie bins


They hope the bins will deter people parking near their homes (Picture: BPM Media)

People living near a hospital have started using wheelie bins to block patients and staff parking outside their homes.

Alderton Road in Nottingham’s Edwards Lane estate is just a 10-minute walk from the city hospital which charges up to £8 for parking.

Some NHS workers, patients and visitors have resorted to leaving their cars on the nearby street to avoid the charge.

Drivers often park on both sides of the road, in front of driveways and even on the yellow lines.

It has left locals trapped outside their homes, while buses are stopping in the middle of the street because their stops are blocked.

This has prompted several neighbours to form a ‘bin brigade’ in protest at the ‘nightmare’ situation.

Mum-of-four Sharon Saunders, 45, said she was ‘not ashamed’ to be standing up for herself and the other residents.

A general view of Alderton Road in Nottingham with several cars parked along it.
NHS staff and patients are trying to avoid paying up to £8 for hospital parking spaces (Picture: BPM Media)
A general view of Alderton Road in Nottingham. --- Concerns have been raised about parking in Alderton Road and the Edwards Lane Estate area of Nottingham, after reports that buses are unable fit down the road. Photo: Thursday 23rd June 2022.
The residential street is only a 10-minute walk away from Nottingham City Hospital (Picture: BPM Media)

Mrs Saunders is a call handler for a private ambulance service working for the NHS, and told The Sun it is important she can get out of her driveway for work.

Like many others who have spoken out, Mrs Saunders said she has ‘sympathy’ for NHS staff getting charged ‘silly amounts’ to park just to do a day’s work.

A union representing staff at Nottingham’s hospitals said current parking arrangements are nothing but a ‘cash-grab’ on workers.

NHS worker Jennifer Ogarro said she cannot afford the parking fee, dubbing the hospital’s policy ‘unfair’.

One elderly resident, Faye Goodman, said the situation is a ‘huge problem’ for her.

The 74-year-old, who previously had a stroke, needs easy access to her driveway to avoid walking far to get into taxis.

Mrs Goodman even put her blue badge sign outside her house, but people still park there and block her way.

Nottingham City Transport said its buses have to be ‘curtailed or diverted’ because all the cars parked on the street have made the road completely ‘inaccessible’.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the City Hospital, said: ‘We apologise to any residents who have been inconvenienced by staff parking on their streets.

‘Staff who do not have a parking permit have access to a range of subsidised travel options including our free Medilink Bus, which serves all our hospital sites, or can use the staff travel to work scheme to get discounts on local public transport.

‘We do not condone any illegal parking and If legal offsite parking is absolutely necessary our expectations of staff is to always be considerate to those living there.’

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