PDP denies planing to organise protest using APC’s name


Benue State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday said it read with a mix of pity and amusement, a press statement by the All Progressives Congress (APC) raising the alarm over a purported plot by PDP to sponsor protests under their name.

A statement issued by Benue PDP Publicity Secretary, Bemgba Iortyom, described the statement as ‘nebulous, bathetic and totally unintelligent.

Lortyom said, “If the purported protests were to be a form of sabotage against APC, wouldn’t such amount to flogging the dead since the opposition party has already hanged itself by its failure to conduct lawful primaries in Benue to nominate candidates for the 2023 elections?

“Isn’t it the height of comedy for APC in Benue to preen itself as “… well structured and organized from the National Working Committee down to the Ward levels and handles her issues amicably….” when the same party has several of its members in court challenging the heist it conjured as “Direct Primaries”?

“Could there be anything more ridiculous than the claim by APC in that statement that they are “. committed to bringing dividends of democracy to the masses as it was evident in the just concluded primary elections across the length and breath of the state?”

He further queried how “dividends of democracy” served the masses from that unbelievable show of primitivity APC labelled a primary election in Benue State recently.

He also alleged that figures of votes were allocated even to someone who had left the party and couldn’t have participated in any of its activities?

“It is apparent that the party is now afraid of its own shadow and is sensing palpable anger of most of its members who were shortchanged during the humbug that was its governorship primary election, hence their resort to the search for a scapegoat.

“Benue APC has by its own actions set out irreversibly down the tunnel to electoral doom in 2023, but the party could still do itself some good by being penitent and thinking more about recovery in the post 2023 era, rather than spewing feeble unintelligent lies against PDP.”

PDP denies planing to organise protest using APC’s name

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