Putin’s TV attack dog says Boris is not ‘macho’ enough to declare war on Russia


The presenter known as ‘Putin’s mouthpiece’ said all Brits were cowards (Picture: Getty/East2West)

One of Vladimir Putin’s favourite propagandists has taunted Boris Johnson to declare war on Russia while mocking him for having ‘no hint of macho’.

Vladimir Solovyov, known as ‘Putin’s mouthpiece’ for faithfully towing the Kremlin line with his deranged prime-time rants on the Russia-1 state TV channel, let rip after the UK pledged another delivery of rocket systems to Ukraine.

True to form, he began by falsely claiming that Mr Johnson ‘says he’ll deliver tanks [to Ukraine] in August’.

The UK has donated a small number of armoured vehicles but there are no plans for British tanks to be sent to the warzone.

Solovyov continued: ‘I’ve got a question: Why are you so timid, Boris? Go on, declare war on Russia.

‘Go on, throw all your giant British army, your planes, your rusty submarines, all your nuclear ammunition – go on, throw them at Russia.

‘The fact is that you are actually scared.

He also repeated baseless claims that two Brits captured while serving in the Ukrainian military and sentenced to death by Kremlin-controlled courts were ‘mercenaries’ acting under UK government orders.

The presenter continued: ‘You are sending your [mercenaries], then abandon them in the Donetsk People’s Republic courts.

‘What are you scared of Brits? Do you want to declare a war on us? Do! Go on, finally do it!

‘Do it! Pluck up your courage, don’t you want to show how cool you are? Lead your troops, land somewhere.

‘This might give [space chief Dmitry] Rogozin a chance to test his Sarmat [hypersonic missile, also known as Satan-2.’

Egged on by a hand-picked clique of Kremlin stooges on his evening talk show, he attempted to land a blow against the British PM for mocking Putin’s staged displays of masculinity when he suggested G7 leaders should puff out ‘our chest muscles’.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is
The TV hots was particularly riled by Boris’ mockery of Putin’s staged displays of masculinity (Picture: Getty)

But it turned into an awkward skit about Mr Johnson’s weight and running shorts, which he insisted looked like ‘underwear’.

He continued: ‘And it is important that when showing his chest muscles he doesn’t step on them accidentally. Because, well… this is what Boris Johnson looks like.’

Showing a clip of the PM on a morning run, he added: ‘Well, to be blunt, there is no hint of macho here. A new type of macho, gender appropriate.

‘At the same time, he doesn’t change his underwear. These underwear-shorts, he always runs only in them.

‘Apparently, this is his lucky underwear. I hope he simply didn’t sell his underwear to get booze.’

Boris Johnson jogging from the car grab from twitter
Solovyov insisted the PM’s running shorts looked like ‘underwear’

Solovyov went on to accuse Brits of being responsible for the death of Tsar Nicholas II, the cousin of the Queen’s grandfather, George V, who was executed by the Communists after their revolution of 1917.

An offer of refuge for the Tsar made by the UK was rescinded under intense pressure from George V amid fears it could spark an anti-monarchist uprising at home and break the alliance with Russia against Germany.

The presenter said: ‘Remember that Boris? You seem to like history, don’t you? Ask Liz Truss what you did to the Tsar’s family, how you promised to save them – and betrayed them!

‘But this is your British tradition, to betray, and to be scared.’

Historians widely agree the rescue would have been almost impossible to pull off regardless, not least as the Tsar’s family preferred to die together in their home country.

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