Rad Power offers first e-bike subscriptions in Europe

The RadRunner e-bike (left) and RadWagon e-cargo bike (right) can now be rented in Berlin. | Image: Rad Power

Rad Power e-bikes can now be rented in Berlin, via a partnership with local firm Cycle. Monthly subscriptions in the German capital cost €79.90 (about $78) for either a RadRunner utility e-bike or RadWagon e-cargo bike. Subscriptions can be month-to-month or for the entire year.

For context, a brand new RadRunner 2 costs €1,449 in Europe, which is what you’ll pay after 18 months if renting.

Subscription prices also cover repair services which can be booked in the Cycle app if something breaks. And, for an additional monthly fee, there’s a peace-of-mind package which reduces the deductible in cases of damage and theft. The subscription bikes can also be fitted with options like baskets and racks (though it’s not clear if this costs extra).

This is Rad Power’s first subscription offering, according to TechCrunch, and the US-based company is treating the Berlin launch as a pilot of its bicycle-as-a-service approach popularized by companies like Swapfiets all across Europe.

told TechCrunch. “This will help us to determine what the optimum value offer is and the demand potential.”

Rad Power will be competing in Berlin with Swapfiets, which offers e-bike subscriptions starting at €59.90 per month. Cycle, which has traditionally catered to couriers and logistics companies, says it operates in over 50 European cities in Austria, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. That should position the company to quickly expand the Rad Power pilot should all go well.

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