Two Children Dead As School Fence Collapse In Lagos


Two children have died after a fence collapsed at Covenant Point Academy at Ajose Street, in the Amukoko area of Lagos State, on Saturday.

Naija News learned that the victims are a three-year-old boy, Samat Saheed and a nine-year-old girl, who is yet to be identified. It was gathered that the unidentified girl was walking past the front of the school when the fence collapsed and crushed her to death. Also, Saheed was said to be playing around the fence of the school, close to his mother’s shop when the fence collapsed and killed him. It was said that the impact of the fence collapse crushed Samat’s head, killing him instantly, while the nine-year-old girl lost consciousness and reportedly died shortly after the incident. An eyewitness, Ganiyu Ayeloja, told Vanguard that residents were traumatised by the incident and had informed the police about the development. Ayeloja added that the owner of the school had been arrested following the death of the minors. He said, “The police came around and they arrested the owner of the school building. The building has no pillars, they just stacked blocks. The building was not well structured at all; there was no wiring, no pillar, and nothing to hold the building together that’s why it fell easily. “It is unfortunate that the two children were around that area when it collapsed. One of the children’s parents had a shop close to the school building, that was why he was there and his parents were immediately alerted. “The Oba of Ijora land was called to the incident yesterday and everyone is sympathising with the deceased families. People from the Lagos State Building Control Agency came to inspect the building this morning (Sunday).” Another resident, Akinniyi Akinwale, who spoke with the newspaper said the nine-year-old girl was running errands when the tragic incident befell her. Akinwale added that when she didn’t return home, her parents started searching for her but were informed that the fence of the building claimed her life. He said, “The wall in front of the school just fell on both of them. The girl who died was sent on an errand to that street, so no one knew her parents there but she was taken to the hospital after the incident and it wasn’t until nighttime when her parents started looking for her that they were informed of her death.”

This article was originally published on Naija News

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